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Negative ulnar variance positive ulnar variance has

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Unformatted text preview: lacia. Negative ulnar variance. Positive ulnar variance has an increased incidence of Triangular fibrocartilage tears. Fracture of Colles radius and ulna with dorsal angulation of distal forearm and wrist. distal fracture. Monteggia Facture of ulna with dislocation of proximal radius. Fracture Galeazzi fracture of radius with dislocation of distal ulna. Fracture Bony deformities of anterior shoulder dislocation? Hill-Sachs deformity: indentation on posterosuperior humeral head. Bankart deformity: Bony irregularity or fragment off inferior glenoid. PermeativeEwing sarcoma. Infection. Eosinophilig granuloma. lesion in patient less than 30 years? PermeativeMultiplein patient >Metastatic carcinomatosis. Primary lymphoma. lesion myeloma. 40 years? Subperiosteal bone resorption sitesphalanges. Medial aspect of proximal tibia. Sacroiliac joints. Distal clavicle. Radial aspect of middle in hyperparathyroidism? Calcification of the sacrotuberous ligament is characteristic for Fluorosis. Differential Hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy. Venous bony abnormality for periostitis in a long bone without an underlying stasis. Thyroid acropachy. Pachydermoperiostosis. Trauma. Melorheostosis features? Idiopathic thickening of cortical new bone. Accumulates near ends of long bones (dripping candle wax). Can affect several adjacent bones. May be symptomatic. Common Causes of Steroids. Aspirin. Collagen vascular diseases. Alcoholism. Idiopathic causes. Trauma. Avascular Necrosis Don't touchMyositis ossificans. Avulsion injury. Cortical desmoid. Trauma. Discogenic Vertebral Sclerosis. Fracture. Pseudodislocation of Humerus. lesions? Radiologic Circumferentialmyositis ossificans lucent center (malignancy may have calcified or ossific center). appearance of calcification with a T hese injuries can have an aggressive radiographic appearance and are located at ligament and tendon insertion sites Avulsion Injury. Cortical desmoid? Occur only on posteromedial epicondyle of femur. May result from avulsion of adductor magnus muscle. Geodes can occur inCalcium pyrophosphate dihydrate crystal disease. Rheumatoid arthritis. Avascular necrosis. Trauma. what conditions? Discogenic Variant of Sclerosis? node. Often a sclerotic lesion adjacent to endplate. Associated disk space narrowing and osteophytosis. Vertebral a Schmoral Dorsal Defect of defect in upper outer quadrant of patella. May mimic pathologic process. Lytic the Patella? Pseudocyst of the humerus of increased cancellous bone near greater tuberosity. May mimic a lytic pathologic lesion. Anatomic variant Os odontoideum? dens. Smooth, often well-corticated, inferior dens border. Hypertrophied, densely corticated anterior arch of C1. May move anterior to C2 body with...
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