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Metaplasia leading to multiple calcific cartilaginous

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Unformatted text preview: es?metaplasia leading to multiple calcific cartilaginous loose bodies in a joint. 20% do not calcify. May mimic pigmented villonodular synovitis. Benign joint lesion. Synovial Pigmented Rare chronicsynovitis features? villonodular inflammatory process causing synovial proliferation. Joint swelling, pain, occasionally joint erosions. No calcifications. Low T1 and T2 synovial signal (hemosiderin deposits). Rare chronic inflammatory process causing synovial proliferation. Soft tissue Phleboliths. Often cause cortical holes (pseudopermeative) in adjacent bone. May mimic permeative or moth-eaten pattern. Hemangioma features? Predental space should not measure more than? 2.5 mm. Jefferson fracture features? Blow to top of head. C1 ring fracture, lateral masses of C1 must extend beyond margins of C2 body. Rotatory fixation of the joint becomes fixed. C1–C2 bodies move en mass, instead of rotating on one another. Atlantoaxial atlantoaxial joint? Clay-Shoveler's Fracture or C7 spinous process, relatively innocuous. Fracture of C6 Hangman'sUnstable, serious fracture of posterior elements of C2 usually with C2 anterolisthesis on C3. Caused by hyperextension and distraction (head against dashboard). Fracture Flexion-Teardrop Fracture Disruption of posterior C-spine ligaments with anterior vertebral body compression. Usually associated with spinal cord injury. Unilateral Locked Facets joint ligaments with dislocation due to severe flexion with some rotation. Facets are locked in an overriding position. Rupture of facet Seatbelt spine injury Hyperflexion at the waist (lap belt). Distraction of posterior elements and ligaments with anterior vertebral body compression. Usually involves T12, L1, or L2. Spondylolysis Break or defect in pars interarticularis portion of lamina. Kummel disease collapse of an acute unprotected wedge compression fracture. Results in severe neurologic deficits. Typically occurs 1 to 2 weeks after initial trauma. Further Bennett Fracture at base of thumb extending into carpometacarpal joint. fracture Rolando fracture Comminuted fracture of thumb base extending into carpometacarpal joint. Mallet finger or baseball finger Avulsion injury at distal phalanx base where extensor digitorum tendon inserts. Gamekeeper's Thumb thumb ulnar collateral ligament at the ulnar aspect of first metacarpophalangeal joint. Avulsion of Failure to diagnose and treat lunate dislocation can result in? impinged by volarly displaced lunate. Permanent median nerve impairment. Nerve can get Rotary subluxation of the navicular ligament. Scaphoid (navicular) rotates dorsally. Widened space between scaphoid and lunate. Rupture of scapholunate __________ is often associated with Kienbock ma...
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