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Accessory nipples for mass in on skin 6 breast us

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Unformatted text preview: s. Moles. Neurofibromas. Accessory nipples. for mass in on skin (6) Breast US, Reniform (hypoechoic cortex and echogenic fatty hilus). Axillary LN typically less than 2 cm. Normal lymph node appearance Differential Metastatic disease. Infectious. Connective tissue disorder (RA, Sarcoidosis). Lymphoma. Leukemia. Granulomatous disease (calcifications). for abnormal lymph nodes (7) Breast US, Solid mass with circumscribed margins, oval shape and parallel orientation. Likely fibroadenoma, nonpalpable complicated cysts, or cluster of microcysts. BIRADS 3 Breast MR,Small (less than 5 mm) isolated spot(s) of enhancement. Not seen on precontrast images. Focus versus Foci Breast MR,Focal area. Linear. Ductal. Segmental. Regional. Diffuse. Multiple areas of enhancement. Non-mass-like enhancement descriptors (7) Breast MR,Internal enhancement. Non-mass like. Occupies less than 25% of breast quadrant. Focal area definition Breast MR,Ductal: resembles a line onand ductal enhancementnipple. Linear: resembles a sheet rather than a line. Difference between linear 2 views, points towards Breast MR,Segmental: between segmental and regional enhancement Difference triangular enhancement with apex towards nipple, suggests ductal morphology. Regional: geographic enhancement, not conforming to a duct. Breast MR,Homogeneous. Heterogeneous. Stippled/Punctate. Clumped. Reticular/Dendritic. Internal MR enhancement patterns (5) Breast MR,Initial phase: Slow, Medium, Rapid. Delayed phase: Washout (malignant), Plateau (either), Persistent (benign). Kinetic Curve Breast MR,>25% risk, based on family history, PMH, etc. Screening population selection criteria Risk factors for Breast cancer (6) Mother, Sister, Daughter with breast cancer. Atypical or precancerous lesions on biopsy. Nulliparity or first child at or older than 30 years. Personal History. Age. Expected outcomes inadditional1000 asymptomatic women 80 require group of studies. 17 biopsied. 6 cancers. Percent of breast cancer not detected at mammography. 9-16%. Percent of malignancies found with biopsy of mammographically suspi...
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