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Distribution associated findings location of

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Unformatted text preview: hape). Distribution. Associated findings. Location. of calcifications (4) Benign breast calcifications (10) Skin/lucent center. Vascular. Coarse/Popcorn. Large/Rod-like. Round (small less than 1 mm, punctuate less than 0.5 mm). Eggshell/Rim. Milk of calcium. Suture. Dystrophic. Milk of calcium Sedimented calcifications in macro/microcysts. Amorphous on cranial caudal view. Semilunar, crescent, tea cup shaped on medial lateral oblique view. Coarse popcorn calcifications Involuting fibroadenoma. Large rod-like calcifications Ductal ectasia and/or secretory calcifications. Lucent centered calcification Fat necrosis or calcified debris in ducts. Eggshell/rim calcifications Fat necrosis. Calcifications within wall of cysts Dystrophic Post trauma. Radiation changes. calcifications Dot-dash or casting calcifications of intraductal carcinoma. Comedocarcinoma type Intermediate concern breast calcificationsheterogeneous (>0.5 mm but not the size of dystrophic calcifications). Amorphous/Indistinct. Coarse (2) High probability pleomorphic (varying in size and shapes, less than 0.5 mm). Linear or branching (suggests filling of involved duct). Fine breast calcifications (2) Calcification distribution modifiers (5) Grouped/Clustered. Linear. Segmental. Diffuse/Scattered. Regional. Definition of regional distribution Scattered in large volume (>2cc) of Breast tissue. Does not conform to duct distribution. Less likely to be malignant. Definition of grouped/clustered distribution small volume (less than 1 cc). At least 5 calcifications occupy Definition of segmental distribution in ductal distribution. Worrisome for malignancy. Calcifications distributed Definition of architectural distortion Distorted architecture without definite mass. Suspicious for malignancy or radial scar, if no prior trauma or surgery. Significance of asymmetric no other findings. Little as long as tubular structure/solitary dilated duct Intramammary lymph node with radiolucent notch. Typically within upper ou...
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