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Typically reniform definition of global

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Unformatted text preview: ter breasts. Typically reniform Definition of global asymmetryBreast tissue in one breast relative to the other. No mass, distorted architecture or associated suspicious calcifications. Greater volume of Associated Skin retraction, Skin lesion, Skin thickening (>2 mm), Nipple retraction, Trabecular thickening, Axillary adenopathy (> 2cm, non-fatty replaced are worrisome) breast findings (6) DescriptorsSubareolar, Central, Axillary tail. Anterior, Middle, Posterior. of mammography location (3) and depth (3) DescriptorsAlmost entirely fat (less(4) 25% glandular). Scattered fibroglandular densities (25-50%). Heterogeneously dense (51-75%). Extremely dense (>75%). of Breast composition than BIRADS Classification 0, Incomplete. 1, Negative. 2, Benign Findings. 3, Probably Benign (3-94%). 4, Suspicious abnormality (A,B,C). 5, Highly suggestive (>95%). 6, Proven malignancy. BIRADS 3 Probably Benign. Less than 2% chance of malignancy. Low grade cancer if present. Imaging decisionin patient less than 30 view (only if necessary). 1st: US. 2nd: Single oblique years with palpable abnormality Breast US, Homogeneous: fibroglandular or fat. Heterogeneous: typically occurs in younger patients. background echotexture descriptors (3) Breast US, Oval. Round. Irregular. Mass Shapes (3) Breast US, Parallel (wider than tall). Not Parallel. Orientation descriptors (2) Breast US, Circumscribed. Indistinct. Angular. Spiculated. Microlobulated. Margin descriptors (5) Breast US, Abrupt. boundary descriptors demarcation between mass and surrounding tissue. Lesion Echogenic: no sharp (2) Echo Patterns (5) Anechoic. Hyperechoic. Complex. Hypoechoic. Isoechoic. Posterior AcousticEnhancement (echogenic deep to mass). Shadowing (echopenic deep to mass). Combined. None. Features (4) Breast US, FibrocysticMicrocystsApocrine metaplasia: Tiny anechoic foci (less than 2 to 3 mm) with thin (less than 0.5 mm) septations. Clustered changes. (2) Differential Sebaceous or epidermal inclusion cysts. Keloid...
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