November 28 - November 28, 2007 From last time. Mithras...

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November 28, 2007 From last time… Mithras cults in Roman Empire o Daily services (sacred fire, prayers; Sunday celebrations) Sanctuaries: often underground ( Mithraea ); celestrial o Yearly festival for Mithras’ birth (Dec. 25; cp. Saturnalia) o Initiation: learning, vow of silences, ordeals, purification Men only (appeal to soldiers), all social classes Seven levels, identified with individual deities/zodiac signs o Tauroctony: bull sacrifice, sacrificial feast o Afterlife preparation Judaism at Rome and the Graeco-Roman Roots of Early Christianity Israel and Palestine in the Graeco-Roman world: timelines o 586 BCE: region absorbed into Late Neo-Babylonian Empire “Babylonian captivity”: dislocation of populations o 538-332: Persian Empire replaces Babylonian Resettlements of Babylonian Jews in Israel (re)construction of temple in Jerusalem o 331-321: Alexander’s Empire replaces Persian o 321-142: control by Ptolemaic, Seleucid kingdoms By 2 nd c: increasing Roman influence o 142-63: independent Hasmonean kingdom Jewish priest-kings (descendants of Maccabees) o 63: Roman annexation of Syria 40-37: Parthians (Persians) capture Jerusalem o 6 CE: Roman province of Judea Jewish Hellenization o Jewish Diaspora Recurrent story in Hebrew tradition (ex: Egypt) Babylon: multicultural; tradition of sacred texts Hellenistic-Roman period Usual suspects (soldiers, slaves) Economic immigration: craftsmen, traders o Integration into Hellenistic culture Jews as administrators Tradition of literacy (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek) No citizenship (disenfranchised = faithful employees) Koinê Greek: becomes main language for Hellenized Jews Alexandria: Jewish scholars attracted to Ptolemaic court Septuagint: Greek translation of Hebrew Bible (72 scholars)
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November 28 - November 28, 2007 From last time. Mithras...

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