As shown in class twice as written in the book right

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Unformatted text preview: et full credit: The Question says that the rotation “does not change” on warmup. First of all, many of you thought that the phrase “does not change” meant that there was no rotation (????) and that A (or B, I guess) must be achiral (neither is achiral, of course). As shown in class twice, as written in the book right on p. 205- 206, and in Group Problems (and in many related book problems), molecule A racemizes as the temperature warms and ring- flipping becomes fast. Problem over! If A racemizes, the rotation must change from “something” to nothing. Therefore, the molecule that doesn’t change must be B, cis- 1- ethyl- 2- methylcyclohexane. We did this problem for you in class at least twice. I just don’t know how more strongly we can signal that we...
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