5 cm thick add approximately 20 ml of petroleum ether

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Unformatted text preview: n plug with enough clean, sand to form a layer about 0.5 cm thick. Add approximately 20 mL of petroleum ether (Figure 1). Place a dry funnel on top of the column, and slowly add 7 g of alumina to the column while gently, tapping the column. A rubber "tapping mallet" may be made for gentle tapping the column by placing a glass rod in a rubber stopper. When this process has been completed, rinse the inner walls of the column with additional petroleum ether to remove any alumina that may adhere to the sides. The tapping mallet may also be used to help level each layer. Cover the alumina with a 0.5-1 cm layer of sand. Open the stopcock to allow the solvent to begin to drain into an Erlenmeyer flask until the solvent level exactly reaches the top of the alumina. At that point, close the stopcock. NEVER allow the solvent/sample to drain below the top of the alumina, as air bubbles and channels may develop in the solid support. The “column bed” is now ready for sample “loading.”...
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