A flow chart is optional but it can significantly aid

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Unformatted text preview: hromatography apparatus with labels. • A flow chart is optional but it can significantly aid your ability to efficiently carry out the experiment. Important Announcements • You must bring your NYU ID card to lab with you. The stockroom will require you to trade it for a column. • Carefully inspect the column immediately when you receive it (before leaving the stockroom area) and inform the stockroom staff of any issues. If the column is not returned to the stockroom in one piece (i.e. it is broken or somehow lost), you will be charged $65 to replace it. General Information Fundamentals of Column Chromatography 1) Mobile phase - a liquid or gas that flows continuously over a fixed stationary phase, which may be a solid or liquid. 2) The mixture of compounds to be separated sticks to the stationary phase and the compounds are pushed through the stationary phase by the mobile phase. 3) Since each compound has a different affinity for binding to the stationary phase, they separate into different bands...
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