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August 9, 2006 Played in class: Forest Scenes –Schumann o 1848- 1849: 9 pieces o All dramatically different o Played: Into the Forest, Hunter in Ambush, Haunted Spot/Notorious Place, At the In, Bird as Prophet Musical Impressionism o Claude Deseaux (1862-1918) Main composer o In visual art – object aren’t always as they appear o Played in class: Moonlight –Claude o Added rhythm ambiguity Planning – move chords by steps
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Unformatted text preview: Obscure key o 12-tone music Emancipate dissonance Developed by Arnold Scho. (student: Alban B. 1888-1945) Played in class: Sonata Op. 1 Alban (1904) The 2 nd Vieneese School Scho. Claude, Alban George Gerschwin (1898-1937) o 1935 Corgie and Bess o Rhapsody in Blues o Played in class: Mary Andrew and Promenade...
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