A random member sample mean sample aggregate

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Unformatted text preview: * b * Cov(X,Y) §༊  E(a*X+b*Y)=a*E(X)+b*E(Y) §༊  Cov(X,Y)=Corr(X,Y)*SD(X)*SD(Y) §༊  Cov(X,Y)=E(XY)- E(X)*E(Y) For an i.i.d. sample of size n and each having common mean mu and common standard devia7on sigma: §༊  E(average of the n random variables)= mu §༊  SD(average of the n random variables)=sigma/sqrt(n) Normal distribu7on •  Empirical rule: 68%, 95%, 99.7% coverage for 1- Sd, 2Sd, 3- Sd intervals around the true mean. •  Finding Probability....
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