Shape of the distribu7on skew ness modality outliers

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Unformatted text preview: all the problems in the lecture slides and in the 3 hws (which does not involve stat crunch). •  Be careful about the 7me. Don’t get stuck on a problem for long. There are a few (I will say 2 or at most 3) compara7vely difficult ques7ons which are randomly dispersed among the 25 ques7ons. Ch2- Ch6 Types of Variables: Numerical, Categorical (ordinal or nominal) Graphical displays & Numerical Summaries: Bar, Pareto, Pie, Histogram, Box- plot §༊  Area principle §༊  Whiskers of the box- plot & 5- number summary. Shape of the distribu7on: Skew- ness, modality Outliers & Robustness Measures of center: Mean, Median, Mode. Spread: standard devia7on (Variance), IQR, Range Ch2- Ch6 Associa7on between variables §༊  Scalerplot §༊  Direc7on and strength of associa...
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