For eg problems 7 10 and problem 25 of the sample mid

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Unformatted text preview: etween 10 pairs of numbers, because these can be done very easily with a scien7fic calculator but takes enormous effort to do in a non- scien7fic one ) v༇  However, calcula7on of expecta7on, variance, covariance for discrete random variables will be there. [for eg, problems 7- 10 and problem 25 of the sample mid- term] v༇  If you are late, I can not provide you with addi7onal 7me. v༇  No Sharing is allowed in the exam hall!! More Prior about the exam Composi7on of the ques7ons: –  Probability & expecta7ons: 8 –  Joint distribu7on, covariance, correla7on & I.I.D: 6 –  Normal Distribu7on: 3 –  Ch2- Ch6: 5 (conceptual ques7ons) –  Miscellaneous: 3 (conceptual ques7ons) Some Sugges7ons! •  Prac7ce...
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