Id sample of size n and each having common mean mu

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Unformatted text preview: 7on §༊  Lurking variables Probability •  Probability: Addi7on rule for overlapping events (1 problem) •  Equally likely events (2 problems) •  Mul7plica7on Rules: –  Independence –  Condi7onal Probability •  Decision Trees: (3 problems) –  Mul7plica7on + Addi7on rules (always draw diagrams) Discrete Random Variables • Expecta7on: probability weighted mean •  Variance: probability weighted squared devia7on •  Covariance: E(XY)- E(X)*E(Y) Sums & Products of random variables Under Independence: E(Product of 2 random variables) = Product of individual expecta7ons of the random variables Formulae: §༊  Var(a*X+b*Y)=a2 * Var(X) + b2 * Var(Y) + 2 * a...
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