Density va density curve is a curve that q is always

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Unformatted text preview: v༇  Adjust the scale so that the total area under the curve is 1. v༇  Area under the curve to the left of 6 approximately equals the proportion of observations less than 6. Density v༇ A density curve is a curve that q༇  is always on or above the horizontal axis and q༇  has area exactly 1 underneath it. v༇ A density describes the overall pattern of a distribution. The area under the curve and above any range of values is the relative frequency of all observations that fall in that range. Example: Uniform density E.g. Uniform on the interval [0, 5] flat Height? → 0 5 Height = 0.2 because {area under a density} = 1 Continuous random variable v༇  Recall: Takes all values in an interval of numbers. v༇  Note: The interval does not have to be bounded. v༇  Probability distribution of a continuous random variable is described by a density curve. v༇  Density curve stays above 0 & the total area under it is one. v༇  Example: q༇  Uniform Random Variable on [a,b] q༇  Normal Random Variable Continuo...
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