Physicians recommend that those americans who want

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Unformatted text preview: v༇  Find the area under the standard normal curve between -2 and 2. Soln: Using the empirical rule, P(|Z|<2) is about 95% Using software, P(|Z|<2) = 1-P(Z>2)-P(Z<-2) =1-2P(Z>2)=0.9545. v༇  Find the area under the standard normal curve between z = 1.2 and z =1.6. Soln: P(1.2<Z<1.6) = P(Z<1.6)- P(Z<1.2) = 0.9452 – 0.8849 = 0.0603. Another SAT problem v༇  Want the proportion of scores below 680. Not a neat use of 68, 95, 99.7 rule. µ = 505 and σ = 110. 680 To use a Normal table for this problem 680 − 505 = 1.59 ①  Find the z-score for 680: z = 110 ②  680 is 1.59 SD’s above the mean ③  Now need the proportion of values less than 1.59 for the standard normal distribution ü༏  Use software to Zind P(Z<1.59) ü༏  Get 0.9441 ü༏  Answer: about 94.4% Another Illustrative Problem The average amount of salt consumed per day by an American is 15 grams (the actual physiological minimum daily requirement for salt is only 220 milligrams). Sup...
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