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Unformatted text preview: o Quantitative Data v༇   DATA: Birth weight of 3,226 newborn babies v༇ Fitted Probability Model: Normal curve with µ = 3.39 Kg & σ = 0.55 Kg Departures from Normality v༇  Multimodality. More than one mode suggesting data come from distinct groups. Departures from Normality v༇  Skew- ness: Lack of symmetry. v༇  Outliers. Unusual extreme values. Empirical Rule For Normal Curves about 99.7% within 3 sd v༇  Roughly 68% of the distribution is within 1 SD of the mean (i.e. between µ-σ and µ+σ). v༇  Roughly 95% of the distribution is within 2 SD’s of the mean (i.e. between µ-2σ and µ+2σ). v༇  Roughly 99.7% of the distribution is within 3 SD’s of the mean (...
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