July 10 notes - grungy o Renaissance = opposite of Middle...

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July 10, 2006 Medieval Ages (450 AD) o Monarchies vs. church o Church developed notation system Notation importance: makes music visual, allows more people to perform preserves pieces First records of music literature – Bible o Lots of references to music o Psalms – tells people to praise God through music o Story of Joshua and Jericho o Parting of the Red Sea – women danced with timbrel (like tambourine) o David heals King Saul with harp/lyre 70 C.E. – 2 nd temple of Jerusalem destroyed o Jewish law forbid music during certain services 333 on… o Roman empire o Constantine converts to Christianity (180 from Roman gods/goddesses) o Music evident with Greeks and Romans Greek letter notation less specific Middle Ages (450-1450) o Preceded by Roman Empire, before Renaissance o Castles, knights, before Enlightenment/philosophers, fighting, crusaders,
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Unformatted text preview: grungy o Renaissance = opposite of Middle Ages o Church, nobility, peasants/serfs o 1 st sacred music – vocal (to reject pagan music) Range – whatever people could sing 1 part, no harmony, limited notation, Latin language Humble, in reverence to God, all prayer Just pitch, no rhythm or tempo or beat • Things to look for to identify pieces… o Words o Language o Range o Gender o Text-setting o Syllabic (1 note per syllable) o Neumatic (2 +) o Melismatic (goes on for awhile) • Old notes – neums o Look weird o Doesn’t use scales • Medieval o Scales = modes Had variation, central tone, series of tones Don’t get happy/sad feelings o Created moods/people...
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July 10 notes - grungy o Renaissance = opposite of Middle...

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