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July 18 notes - English madrigals Organist government spy...

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July 18, 2006 Renaissance Instrumental Music o Were used o Functions lumped with secular music Not used in church Used for festivals, processionals, weddings, military battles, dancing (most popular) o 2 specializations – need special/specific music Organ Guitar/lute o Dance Slow = pavane or passomezzo Fast = galliard 5 parts, polyphonic o Terpsichore (1612 collection of 300 dances) Caroubel (French violinist) – dances Praetorius (German composer/theorist) – music o Thomas Morley British composer
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Unformatted text preview: English madrigals Organist, government spy for crown, theorist, editor 100 madrigals and lots of sacred music Edited Triumphs of Oreanna and Italian madrigals • Spain and Portugal – secular music o Diego Pisador – Spanish composer 1510-1557 Composer, arranger Used viheula (small guitar) Most famous for book: Libro de Musica de Vihuela Wrote: • Fantasias – free form, improvisation • Variations historiography...
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