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July 26, 2006 Bach o 1723 – took job as canter in St. Thomas Stayed for remainder of his life Organist, vocalist, conductor, teacher In addition had to make cantatas every week Based on chorales 30-45 minutes Orchestra, soloists, vocalists, ensemble, recitatives, arias o Famous organist and teacher Wrote some pieces just for teaching (Anna Magdelena book) o Consulted for organ construction o Wrote over 200 cantatas, Well Tempered Clavier , passions, lots of works for organs and chorales, and 2 masses
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Unformatted text preview: o Height of Baroque polyphony o One of the last to write fugues o Died from eye surgery o Wrote in everything but opera o Complex textures o Last great representative of Baroque period • The Baroque Suite o Set of dances in the same key o No specified order o Could vary number and order o Usually ended with a fast jig o Separated by rhythm and meter o Always binary in form o Not every movement is a dance Prelude – up to composer as long as the key was the same...
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