Unplug any existing dsl filters or splitters from the

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Unformatted text preview: ers from the wall. 2 WALL Modem WALL installing the ooma hub 4 Connect your phone and power Use a phone cable to plug your phone into the port labeled PHOne on the ooma Hub (a short phone cable is provided). PHONE Plug one end of the AC adaptor into the port labeled POwer on the ooma Hub and the other end into a power outlet. The clear ooma Tab, at the top left corner of the ooma Hub device, should light up RED and begin to blink as it boots up. Next, power on your network devices (modem, switch, router). Wait a few minutes for everything to boot up. 5 Confirm installation Turn on your computer and connect to the Internet. Open up a web browser to make sure you are online. iMPOrtant: This allows the ooma Hub to complete its self-configuration. Within a few minutes, the clear ooma Tab should turn BLUE. Pick up the phone connected to the ooma Hub. You will hear the signature ooma dialtone that confirms the ooma system is working. 6 initialize your Broadband answering Machine™ feature Pick up the phone attached to the ooma Hub and press the Play button. Follow the voice prompts to setup your Broadband Answering Machine. ooma.com 7 installing the ooma scout 9 Unpack the ooma Scout™ device Each additional phone on the same phone line as the ooma Hub (i.e. that shares the same phone number) must be connected to an ooma Scout. Any phones that are not connected to an ooma device should be disconnected. The ooma Scout box should contain the following items: ooma Scout Short Phone Cable AC Adaptor Port and Color Guide Here is a closer look at the back of your ooma Scout device. Throughout the set up process, each port on the back of your ooma Scout will be indicated with the following colors. 10 installing the ooma scout 1 Connect the phone line If you have DSL, trace the phone cable to the wall. UNpLUg and REMOvE any existing DSL filters or splitters. WALL Unplug the phone cable from your phone and plug it in the port labeled wall on the ooma Scout. 2 Connect your phone 3 Connect the power Use a phone cable to p...
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