Your internet or phone connection may be down

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Unformatted text preview: ing charges. Clear ooma tab Indicates ooma device is not powered or that the brightness is turned down (check the brightness control). If there is no power, you will not hear any dialtone and will be unable to use your phone. If you are using your ooma system with a landline and there is no power, you will hear the your regular landline dialtone, not the ooma dialtone. Outgoing calls are subject to your landline phone company calling charges. troubleshooting 17 If your ooma Tab is not blue or you do not hear the signature ooma dialtone, check if you have run into one of the following common installation problems. on the ooma Hub is blinking red If no other button lights are on, press the ooma Tab to illuminate the diagnostic light pattern. on the ooma Scout is blinking red The ooma Hub is down. Check the diagnostic light pattern on the ooma Hub to troubleshoot the problem. are solid red When the ooma Hub is used with a landline, it does not detect the phone line. Check that the ooma Hub wall port is connected to a working phone jack. are solid red The ooma Hub cannot get a network connection. Check that the network cable is plugged in correctly. The ooma Hub MOdeM port (and the HOMe port, if plugged in) should show a solid green light. Reboot any network devices, such as modems, routers, hubs, switches, and any computers. are solid red The ooma Hub is unable to register to the ooma network. Check your Internet connection to see if it is working and that you can browse to http://www.ooma.com. or buttons do not light up Check that the device is powered properly and that the brightness control knob (on the right side of the unit) is not turned all the way down. are solid red on the ooma Scout Make sure the ooma Hub is powered and the ooma Tab is blue. Check that ooma Scout wall port is plugged into the wall jack. If you have multiple phone lines, verify that the ooma Hub and ooma Scout are connected to the same line. cycles between blue and red every few seconds Swap the phone cables going into the wall and PHOne ports of the oo...
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