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Unformatted text preview: personal numbers, and more! we’re Here iF yOU need US Should you encounter any problems or have questions during the installation process – we’re here to help. There are two ways to get assistance: Visit our support site at: http://www.ooma.com/support Call 1-888-711-6662 to speak with a member of our customer support team. © 2008 ooma, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. ooma, the ooma logo, ooma Hub, ooma Scout, Instant Second Line, Broadband Answering Machine, the sound of the ooma dialtone, and all other ooma company, product and service names and slogans are trademarks of ooma, Inc. All other product, service or brand names are the property of their respective owners. installing the ooma hub 1 Before you begin, check the following: If you have a standalone answering machine, DISCONNECT it. If any phone has an answering machine function built-in, DISABLE it now. Unpack the ooma Hub™ device The ooma Hub package should contain the following items: Ethernet Cable Short Phone Cable Long Phone Cable ooma Hub ooma Splitter AC Adaptor Port and Color Guide Here is a closer look at the back of your ooma Hub device. Throughout the set up process, each port on the back of your ooma Hub will be indicated with the following colors for quick identification. 2 installing the ooma hub 1 activate the ooma Hub online Before proceeding with the ooma Hub installation, you must activate it online. To complete the online activation, open a web browser on your home computer and navigate to: http://www.ooma.com/activate After you’ve finished your online activation, be sure to TURN OFF any personal computers, modems, switches and routers that are connected to your home network before proceeding to the next installation step. 2 Choose the illustrated example that best matches your home network set-up and continue to the appropriate page: If you need help in identifying your home network equipment, see aPPendiX a of the User Guide. a B Modem connected directly to one compute...
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