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Unformatted text preview: ick up the phone connected to the ooma Scout and you should hear the signature ooma dialtone. 37 installing the ooma scout Installing the Rest of Your Phones Locate all the cordless telephone handsets and phones currently connected to your phone system. Make sure each phone or cordless telephone base station is connected to an ooma device. Any phone that is not connected to an ooma device should be disconnected. Additional ooma Scout devices can be purchased online on the ooma website. How Phone Devices Work with the ooma System See below for more information about how the ooma system works with common devices that plug into the phone line. Cordless Phones To connect a cordless phone to your ooma system, simply plug the base station into the port labeled PHONE on an ooma Hub or ooma Scout. For cordless phone systems with multiple handsets, only the main base station needs to be connected to an ooma Hub or ooma Scout. Charging cradles for cordless phones that do not plug into a phone jack do not need to be connected to an ooma device. Please refer to the USING THE INSTANT SECOND LINE WITH CORDLESS PHONES section for important information about using cordless phones with the Instant Second Line. Cordless Phone Base Station Cordless Phone Charging Cradle installing the ooma scout Fax Machines For best results, fax machines should be connected to the ooma Hub (using the PHONE port), not to an ooma Scout. To prevent interference with the operation of the ooma system, please make sure the fax machine is configured to not answer phone calls automatically. When placing fax calls, dial *99 prior to dialing the destination fax number. Other Devices Devices such as digital video recorders, satellite receivers, and security systems require a landline to function properly. These devices should not be connected through an ooma device. Leave them connected to the landline, as-is. If the device is configured to turn off call-waiting (typically by dialing *70), that option must be disabled once your landline is provisioned by ooma. See the ooma Support website for step-by-step instructions on how to do this for common devices. If a phone shares a wall jack with one of these devices, use a standard duplex splitter and connect one jack to the device, and the other jack to the ooma Hub or ooma Scout. Do not use any “pass-through” telephone jacks that the device may have to allow it to connect in-line with a telephone. Digital Video Recorder (before installation) Digital Video Recorder (after installation) © 2006 TiVo Inc. TiVo and the TiVo logo are registered trademarks of TiVo Inc. or its subsidiaries. 40 troubleshooting If you encountered installation problems because you couldn’t determine what home Internet setup or equipment you have, please read APPENDIx A: IDENTIFYING YOUR EQUIPMENT. For other problems, refer to the following table: There’s no phone line next to my Internet connection This is a common issue with cable installations. Use a long phone cable to connect the ooma Hub to the closest phone jack, or purchase a pair of HomePlug devices to bridge your Internet connection to the location of your phone jack. See ooma’s online support section for more details on the HomePlug solution. are solid red The ooma Hub is unable to register to the ooma network. Check your Internet connection to see if it is working and that you can successfully browse to http://www.ooma.com. on the ooma Hub is blinking red If no other button lights are on, press the ooma Tab to illuminate the diagnostic light pattern. are solid red on the ooma Scout Make sure the ooma Hub is powered on and that the ooma Tab is blue. Check that the ooma Scout WALL port is plugged into the wall jack. If you have multiple phone lines, verify that the ooma Hub and ooma Scout are connected to the same line. on the ooma Scout is blinking red The ooma Hub is down. Check the diagnostic light pattern on the ooma Hub to locate the source of the problem. or buttons do not light up Check that your device is powered properly and that the brightness control knob (on the right side of the unit) is not turned all the way down. are solid red When using the ooma system with a landline, the ooma Hub is unable to detect if a phone line is plugged in. Confirm that the ooma Hub WALL port is connected to a working phone jack. ooma Hub or ooma Scout has restarted The ooma Hub or ooma Scout will restart after a software update has completed. This will only occur if the system is idle. A restart is indicated by the same light sequence as when the device is first powered on. are solid red The ooma Hub cannot get a network connection. Check that the network cable is plugged in correctly. The ooma Hub MODEM port (and the HOME port, if plugged in) should display a solid green light. Reboot any network devices, such as modems, routers, hubs, switches, and any computers. The ooma Tab cycles between blue and red every few seconds Swap the phone cables going into the WALL and PHONE ports of the ooma Hub or ooma Scout. They may...
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