The ooma tab cycles between blue and red every few

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Unformatted text preview: not be plugged in correctly. 41 troubleshooting You hear a regular dialtone instead of the ooma dialtone Check that your ooma system is powered. The ooma Tab should be blue. Check that the phone (or cordless base station) is correctly plugged into the PHONE port of an ooma Hub or ooma Scout. If you make any outgoing phone call when you hear the regular dialtone, regular calling charges will apply. You hear nothing when a phone is picked up Check that your phone is plugged into the PHONE port of an ooma Hub or ooma Scout and that the WALL port is plugged into a working phone jack. Also, verify that your Internet connection is working. If you are using the ooma system with a landline, verify that the phone jack is working by connecting your phone directly to it. You should hear a regular dialtone. Your Internet connection is no longer working Check that you have followed the network cabling instructions carefully. The ooma Hub MODEM port (and the HOME port, if plugged in) should show a solid green light. Reboot any network devices, such as modems, routers, hubs, switches, and any computers. Attempt to connect to and browse the Internet from a computer hooked up to the HOME port. You need to assign a static IP address to the ooma Hub or setup port forwarding Configure a computer to “Obtain IP address automatically” (using DHCP) and connect it to the ooma Hub HOME port. Open up a web browser and go to http://setup.ooma.com. This will bring up a simple interface to configure port forwarding and assign a static IP address to the ooma Hub. You have a cable or DSL modem that connects to the computer via USB Modems with only a USB connection are not supported. Many modems can be reconfigured to use Ethernet instead. Please contact your highspeed Internet service provider for more details. Outgoing local calls fail with a fast busy signal Check that the ooma Hub WALL port is plugged into the correct phone jack. If you have an integrated landline, connect a phone directly to the phone jack and check for a regular dialtone. The voice quality of your calls is diminished ooma recommends that the ooma Hub be directly connected to the modem (connected to the MODEM port) and that router, computers and other network devices be connected behind it (connected to the HOME port) so that voice traffic can be intelligently prioritized over other Internet traffic. If you have setup your ooma Hub between your modem and other network devices and still experience diminished voice quality, you can further optimize how ooma prioritizes voice traffic under Advanced Settings at http://setup.ooma.com. This site must be accessed from a computer connected to the HOME port of the ooma Hub. 42 troubleshooting There aren’t enough ooma Scout devices to connect all phones Any phones not connected through a ooma Hub or ooma Scout should be disconnected from the wall. You may purchase additional ooma Scout devices on our website. Picking up another phone does not join the existing call With the Instant Second Line, the user will hear a new ooma dialtone before making another call, even when the first line is in use. To join a call already in progress, press the active line button or the Flash button on your telephone handset. Picking up another phone joins the existing call Be sure that the phones in use are connected to different ooma Hub or ooma Scout devices. Keep in mind that cordless phone systems that have multiple cordless handsets associated with one base station are treated like a single phone. International calls do not work To complete an international call, you must add funds into your pre-paid account. This can be done online in the ooma Lounge. Once your account is funded, international calls can easily be placed without access codes or calling cards. Phones don’t ring when you receive a call Check that your phones are connected to the PHONE port of an ooma Hub or ooma Scout. If the phone needs power, confirm that it is plugged in correctly. The ooma system must be installed on the phone line that corresponds to the phone number you registered with your ooma system. If you have multiple phones lines, check to make sure the ooma Hub WALL port has been connected to the correct phone line. Next, check if the Send-to-Voicemail button is lit red. This means Do not Disturb is active and all calls are forwarded directly to voicemail. To deactivate Do not Disturb mode, press the button for two seconds. The light will turn off. Contacting ooma Support Most issues can be resolved easily and quickly with our online support system at: http://www.ooma.com/support At the website, you can also: Search our knowledge base Read Frequently Asked Questions Submit an issue or chat with a customer support representative If you are unable to resolve your problem online, you can call ooma, seven days a week at 1-888-711-6662. 44 appendix a: identifying your equipment To install the ooma system, you must be able to identify and locate the following network devices and services:...
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