Does it matter whether the student phrases the

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Unformatted text preview: n their own. One student includes without attribution an argument that the other student discovered concerning a case. Is the student guilty of plagiarism? Does it matter whether the student phrases the argument in a 9 similar manner to the other student or in her own words? Does it matter if the first student found out about the argument in reviewing a draft of the second student’s memorandum instead of finding out about the argument from just discussing the memorandum? Guilty_____ Not guilty_____ Explain why: 4. A professor requires five drafts for a seminar paper, each due on a specified day, and each receiving a check or minus as part of the final grade. On a first draft, the professor recognizes major ideas that have not been attributed and discovers sloppy quotations that are missing the beginning or ending quotation marks. When questioned, the student admits that he typed the paper early that morning and did not take time to review his attribution or even spell check. He wanted to turn in something to avoid receiving a minus. Even though this was only a draft of the paper, and not the final product, the teacher charges him with plagiarism because the student attempted to receive academic credit: a check rather than a minus. Is this student guilty of academic plagiarism? If yes, should he be expelled? Expel yes_____ Expel no_____ Explain why: 5. A third-year student hands in a seminar paper that she had written for an earlier class. Can a student plagiarize herself? Guilty_____ Not guilty_____ Explain why: 6. A first–year student downloads a course outline from a national resource. Allowed to take anything into the final exam, he brings this professional outline. Is he guilty of plagiarism if he takes copies of it into the exam and uses language from it? Guilty_____ Not guilty_____ Explain why: 10 7. An L.L.M. student whose first language is not English submits a thesis full of plagiarized material. In the student’s home culture, unacknowledged use of published work is accepted...
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