To avoid an allegation of plagiarism that text should

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Unformatted text preview: agreement imposing a reasonable cost on departing partners who compete with the firm in a limited area is enforceable) is a direct quote from Whiteside. To avoid an allegation of plagiarism, that text should be punctuated with quotation marks, followed by a citation to Whiteside. Better yet, when discussing the facts, reasoning, and holding of a case, use your own words, followed by a proper citation. Moreover, in this situation, the Howard case is the better source to cite. Sometimes, even when you are paraphrasing the facts and reasoning from a case, you may want to quote specific, important words. In this example, the term “reasonable cost” could be put in quotation marks. HYPOTHETICALS FOR CLASS DISCUSSION 1. A second-year student submits a draft of a seminar paper that contains information attributed to several different A.L.R. annotations. In commenting on the paper draft, the teacher tells the student that A.L.R. annotations generally should not be cited as support for legal propositions. For the final version of the paper, the student takes out the citations to the A.L.R. but leaves the information taken from the annotations in the paper unattributed. Is the student guilty of plagiarism? Guilty_____ Not guilty_____ Explain why: 2. In a research memorandum written for class, a first-year student places a citation to authority at the end of every sentence containing information taken from outside sources. However, the student fails to include quotation marks around specific words taken from some sources. Is the student guilty of plagiarism? How many words must the student take directly from a source before the student needs to indicate them as a direct quotation? Guilty_____ Not guilty_____ Explain why: 3. Two first-year students talk about different arguments they are considering using in drafting a research memorandum. The assignment instructions allow students to discuss the case law involved in the memorandum but require that students draft the memorandum o...
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