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Unformatted text preview: and proper. Can the student be punished for plagiarism? Should the student be punished for plagiarism? Can be punished. Yes_____ No_____ Should be punished. Yes_____ No_____ Explain why: 8. A law review note contains three major ideas taken from a non-identified Internet source. The student insists that the material is public knowledge and does not have to be attributed. If she has no record of the database, is there a proper method for attribution? If not, is she plagiarizing if she publishes the article without any attribution? Guilty_____ Not guilty_____ Explain why: 9. For an open-book exam, a law professor allows students to bring any materials into the room: commercial outlines, class notes, study guides, case book, etc. If students repeat information from these sources, without identifying the sources, are they guilty of plagiarism? Guilty_____ Not guilty_____ Explain why: 11 STUDENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM Date: ________________________________ [month, date, year] I, ___________________________________, [print name] have read the plagiarism definition and reviewed correct techniques for attribution. _____________________________________ [signature] REPRODUCTION OF THIS INFORMATION The following information must remain on this pamphlet: Academic institutions may reproduce this pamphlet for educational purposes. Legal Writing Institute 900 Broadway Seattle, Washington 98122-4340 12...
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