1 11 us uw forces possess capabilities that can

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Unformatted text preview: s that can profoundly affect the human terrain through shaping operations that influence behavior in support of U.S. objectives. They can also influence resistance movement characteristics, making them more appropriate to the mission. For example, U.S. UW forces could emphasize guerrilla adherence to international norms and standards of behavior. 1-12. Planners further break down feasibility and appropriateness into the seven dynamics of an insurgency. Chapter 2 discusses these dynamics in detail. PHYSICAL AND HUMAN ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS 1-13. There are specific physical and environmental conditions that allow for a successful resistance or insurgency. The three main conditions are a weakened or unconsolidated government or occupying power, a segmented population, and favorable terrain from which an element can organize and wage subversion and armed resistance. WEAKENED OR UNCONSOLIDATED GOVERNMENT OR OCCUPYING POWER 1-14. Conditions must sufficiently divide or weaken the organizational mechanisms that the ruling regime uses to maintain control over the civilian population for the resistance to successfully organize the minimum core of clandestine activities. It is extremely difficult to organize successful resistance under a fully consolidated government or occupying power with a strong internal security apparatus. Despite the general dissatisfaction of the society, the resistance has little chance of developing the supporting infrastructure it needs to succeed. Planners need to recognize the significant differences in the ability of different elements to exert control over a population. A recent foreign occupier does not have the same ability as an indigenous long-standing dictatorial regime that has had years to consolidate power. 30 November 2010 TC 18-01 1-3 Chapter 1 WILL OF THE POPULATION 1-15. The population must possess not only the desire to resist but also the will to bear the significant hardships associated with repressive countermeasures by the government or occupying power. Populations that the regime subjugates or indoc...
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