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Unformatted text preview: Wildlife. Include animals, fish, and fowl. 3. Political Characteristics. Identify friendly and hostile political powers and analyze their capabilities, intentions, and activities that influence mission execution. a. Hostile Power. (1) Number and status of nonnational personnel. (2) Influence, organization, and mechanisms of control. b. National Government (Indigenous). (1) Government, international political orientation, and degree of popular support. (2) Identifiable segments of the population with varying attitudes and probable behavior toward the United States, its allies, and the hostile power. (3) National historical background. (4) Foreign dependence or allies. (5) National capital and significant political, military, and economic concentrations. c. Political Parties. (1) Leadership and organizational structure. Figure A-1. Area study outline format (continued) A-2 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Area Study Area Study Outline (continued) Copy of Location: Date: Copies Area Study of JSOA (2) Nationalistic origin and foreign ties (if single dominant party exists). (3) Major legal parties with their policies and goals. (4) Illegal or underground parties and their policies and goals. (5) Violent opposition factions within major political organizations. d. Control and Restrictions. (1) Documentation. (2) Rationing. (3) Travel and movement restrictions. (4) Blackouts and curfews. (5) Political restrictions. (6) Religious restrictions. 4. Economic Characteristics. Identify those economic factors that influence mission execution. a. Technological Standards. b. Natural Resources and Degree of Self-Sufficiency. c. Financial Structure and Dependence on Foreign Aid. d. Monetary System. (1) Value of money and rate of inflation. (2) Wage scales. (3) Currency controls. e. Black Market Activities. Note the extent and effect of those activities. f. Agriculture and Domestic Food Supply. g. Industry and Level of Production. h. Manufacture and Demand for Consumer Goods. i. Foreign and Domestic Trade and Facilities....
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