3 45 ca operational support during phase three of uw

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Unformatted text preview: IPOE. Identifying and liaising with key leaders within the indigenous population who may influence the CAO/CMO plan. Preparing to insert with the SFOD. Conducting key leader engagement. 3-46. CA operational support during phase four of UW may include the following: Refining CA input to IPOE. Facilitating the build of the resistance force. Initiating CAO (FHA, nation assistance, and PRC). 3-47. CA operational support during phase five of UW may include the following: Validating measures of effectiveness (MOEs). Monitoring or assessing effects Executing CAO. 3-48. CA operational support during phase six of UW may include the following: Mitigating impacts on the population. Surging FHA. Preparing to execute planned PRC (dislocated civilian operations). Deconflicting IGO and NGO operations supporting unity of effort. 3-49. CA operational support during phase seven of UW may include the following: Executing support to civil administration operations to advise and assist the new government. Supporting posthostility institutions to foster legitimacy and transparency of government. Supporting the interagency execution of strategic and operational stability operations. LOGISTICS CONSIDERATIONS 3-50. Logistics support for UW is different from support to other types of special operations. UW missions often require significant quantities of materiel to support resistance forces, specifically guerrillas. The materiel includes lethal and nonlethal aid, some of which may not be organic to the U.S. Army supply system. Every effort must be made to maximize the use of indigenous supply sources within the UWOA. In addition, confiscation, barters or trades, IOUs, donations or levies, and battlefield recovery and purchase are leveraged extensively in order to maximize demands of external resupply. Planners need to consider the ability of the indigenous forces to make use of U.S. materiel. In some cases, the materiel may not be compatible with other materiel acquired in the operational environment. The...
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