3 a suggested arrangement of scheduling is as follows

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Unformatted text preview: igure C-3, pages C-4 and C-5, is an example of a personnel data card that may also serve as a training record. Using the card for both purposes simplifies record keeping and minimizes the number of records that personnel must maintain in the AO. The type and amount of information that personnel record will vary by AO as will the degree of security the U.S. element affords resistance personnel. Data Card Personnel and Training Record 1. PERSONNEL DATA a. JSOA: FULL NAME: SERIAL NUMBER: b. RANK: DATE OF BIRTH: PLACE OF BIRTH: c. UNIT: DATE OF ENLISTMENT: d. LAST CIVILIAN ADDRESS: e. CIVILIAN OCCUPATION: f. LANGUAGES: g. SPECIAL SKILLS AND APTITUDES (CIVILIAN) : h. FINANCIAL DATA: DATE: NAME: DATE: NAME: NAME: i. LEFT THUMBPRINT: j. DATE: AMOUNT PAID: AMOUNT PAID: AMOUNT PAID: RIGHT THUMBPRINT: PHOTOGRAPH: k. DATE OF DISCHARGE OR DEMOBILIZATION: 2. TRAINING RECORD a. BASIC TRAINING: SUBJECT: DATE: b. ADVANCED OR SPET TRAINING: Figure C-3. Data card—personnel and training record C-4 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Sample Training Program of Instruction for Resistance Forces Data Card (continued) Personnel and Training Record c. MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALTIES DEGREE: AREA OF INTEREST: LEVEL OF PROFICIENCY: d. WEAPONS QUALIFICATIONS: WEAPON: DEGREE OF SKILL: e. COMBAT OPERATIONS: f. AWARDS AND DECORATIONS: g. WOUNDS OR INJURIES: TYPE: DATE: 3. DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS: DATE OF OFFENSE: TYPE OF TRIAL: PUNISHMENT: Figure C-3. Data card—personnel and training record (continued) 30 November 2010 TC 18-01 C-5 Appendix D Special Forces Caching Caching is the process of hiding equipment or materials in a secure storage place with the intent of recovering the items for future operational use. The ultimate success of caching depends upon attention to details that may seem unimportant to the untrained eye. Security factors—such as cover for the caching party, sterility of the items cached, and removal of any traces of the caching operation—are vital. There are two other factors vital to successful caching. First, personnel must observe the technical factors governing the p...
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