A careless error or omission may prevent recovery of

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Unformatted text preview: lanning emplacement and recovery operations. It is advisable that the observer draft the cache report before the emplacement operation. Following these procedures will reveal omissions. In this way, personnel can then obtain the missing data at the site. This procedure reduces the preparation of the final cache report to an after-action check. This check ensures that personnel actually placed the cache precisely where the observer planned and that all other descriptive details are accurate. Although personnel may not always accomplish this ideal, they must always observe the following two procedures: The caching party should complete the final cache report as soon as possible after emplacement while details are fresh in mind. A person who has never visited the site should check the instructions by using them to find the site. When no such person is available, the site should then be visited shortly after emplacement, provided it can be done securely. If personnel emplaced the cache at night, a visit to the site in daylight may also provide an opportunity to check on the sterilization of the site. D-18 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Special Forces Caching CACHE RECOVERY D-114. Practical exercises, equipment, a sketch of the site, preliminary reconnaissance, a probe rod, and site sterilization are all components of successful cache recovery. The following paragraphs discuss these components for recovery operations. PRACTICAL EXERCISES D-115. If planners can arrange secure field exercises, they should ensure all possible recovery team members get experience recovering actual dummy caches. It is especially desirable for the recovery person to master pinpointing techniques. Personnel achieve mastery when they practice selecting points of emplacement, drafting recovery instructions, and following recovery instructions. EQUIPMENT D-116. Although the equipment used in recovery is generally the same as that used in emplacement, it is important to include any additional items that may be req...
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