A horizontal cache may provide better drainage in

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Unformatted text preview: rs longer and wider than the container. Most importantly, he should make the hole deep enough so that he can cover the container with about 45 centimeters of soil. Normally, this depth is deep enough to decrease the risk of soil erosion or indigenous activities uncovering the container. A deeper hole makes probing for recovery more difficult and unnecessarily prolongs the time necessary for burial and recovery. Excavation Shoring D-79. If there is a risk that the surrounding soil will cave in during excavation, the emplacer can use boards or bags filled with subsoil to shore the sides of the hole. The emplacer may need to use permanent shoring to protect improvised containers from pressure or shock. Equipment D-80. Depending upon site conditions, the emplacer will find the following items helpful for burying a cache: Measuring instruments (a wire or metal tape and compass) for pinpointing the site. Paper and pencil for recording the measurements. Probe rod for locating rocks, large roots, or other obstacles in the subsoil. A minimum of two ground sheets for placing sod and loose soil on. If nothing else is available, the emplacer may use an article of clothing in place of a ground sheet for small excavations. Sacks (sandbags, flour sacks, or trash bags) for holding subsoil. Spade or pickax for digging ground that is too hard for spading. Hatchet for cutting roots. Crowbar for prying rocks. Flashlight or lamp for burying at night. 30 November 2010 TC 18-01 D-13 Appendix D Burial Party D-81. Aside from locating, digging, and refilling the hole, the most important factor at this phase of emplacement is personnel. Because it is impossible to prevent every member of the burial party from knowing the location of the cache, each member is a security concern for as long as the cache remains intact. Planners must use extreme care in their selection of burial party personnel. Once planners select a team, each person must have an adequate story to explain his absence from home or work during the operation, his trip...
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