Another advantage of this system is that it permits

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Unformatted text preview: ent of supplies between sectors to a minimum, and personnel do not pass names, storage sites, and caches from sector to sector. The area commander delegates supply operations to sector commanders. He retains the responsibility for the overall plans. He also reports supply needs to the sponsoring power and issues directives covering operations. Plans and directives may include— Organization of supply and service support units. Organization and employment of civilian support units. Systems of levy and barter on civilians. Receipt of payment for supplies. Collection, storage, transportation, and distribution of supplies. Quantity and type of supplies personnel are to maintain. Allocation of supplies to major lower commands. 3-68. The area commander provides all supply items to the sector commander. The sector commanders supply their units and conduct supply operations according to the plans, directives, and orders of higher HQ. Individual units within their assigned sectors conduct decentralized supply operations. The sector commander makes his needs known to the next-higher HQ for supplies and equipment not available within his area. He distributes all supplies and equipment received from higher HQ. Besides supplying his sector, higher HQ may charge him with supplying adjacent sectors. DELIVERY SYSTEMS 3-69. The SF detachments in the JSOA deliver all external supplies and equipment to the guerrilla force. It is essential that personnel control access to sensitive items, such as weapons, ammunition, demolitions, radios, drugs, or special equipment. An SFODA member must be present at all deliveries of external supplies to ensure positive control and accountability. DELIVERY MEANS 3-70. The preferred mission delivery method for external resupply is by sponsor aircraft, surface ship, or submarine. At first, planners may determine aerial delivery by parachute is the best means of supply to a JSOA. Personnel may use free-drop techniques for certain hardy items. Later, as the JSOA expands and comes under greater friendly control, SFODA members use air-...
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