Aside from locating digging and refilling the hole

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Unformatted text preview: to and from the site, and his possession of whatever equipment he cannot conceal on the trip. Depending on the number of people, the length of the trip and the equipment necessary for the operation, transportation for the burial party may present a problem for planners. Once planners finish working out the operational details, they must brief each member of the burial party on their tasks for the entire operation. Operational Schedule D-82. The final step in planning the emplacement operation is to make a schedule that sets the date, time, and place for every step of the operation that requires advance coordination. The schedule will depend mainly on the circumstances, but it must include a realistic estimate of how long it will take to complete the burial. Generalizations in the schedule are worthless, and the only sure guide is actual experience under similar conditions. D-83. A careful burial job probably will take longer than most novices will expect. Therefore, if circumstances require a tight schedule, a dry run or test exercise before taking the package to the site is advisable. Unless the site is exceptionally well concealed or isolated, the burial should occur at night to avoid detection. Because of the difficulties of working in the dark, the burial party should conduct a nighttime practice exercise. D-84. The schedule should permit waiting for advantageous weather conditions. The difficulties of snow have already been mentioned. Rainy weather makes digging problematic and complicates cover stories. Planners should plan night burials on moonless or heavily overcast nights. Site Approach D-85. Regardless of how effective an individual’s story is during the trip to the cache site, he must ensure he remains unobserved during his immediate approach to the site to prevent others from detecting the burial. To prevent observation, planners must carefully select the point at which the burial team is to disappear, perhaps by turning off a road into woods. They should also carefully select the reappearance point. In additio...
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