Before the usg decides to render support to a

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Unformatted text preview: nization to assess the compatibility of U.S. and resistance interests and objectives. This assessment is largely a political negotiation between the USG and the resistance organization. Once the USG establishes compatibility, it assesses the resistance potential. During the initial contact, planners may arrange for the reception of a pilot team. If possible, planners may exfiltrate a resistance representative, referred to as an asset, from the operational area to brief the pilot team during its planning phase and possibly to accompany the team during their infiltration into the operational area and linkup with resistance forces. 3-10. The pilot team conducts detailed area assessments (Appendix B) to expand their understanding of the operational environment, particularly human terrain analysis. This analysis provides information on the degree of support for the UW effort among the local populations. MIS planners provide the pilot team with area- and population-specific information requests to facilitate the evaluation of indigenous information capabilities and the determination of the level of support necessary to fully develop those capabilities and increase their operational effectiveness. MIS personnel may augment a pilot team. PHASE THREE—INFILTRATION 3-11. During the infiltration phase, a pilot team clandestinely infiltrates the operational area in order to link up with the resistance force and conduct or confirm a feasibility assessment. If the operational assessment is favorable, the pilot team coordinates for the infiltration and reception of follow-on SF teams and supplies. MIS personnel, attached to follow-on SF teams, provide SFODAs with an early information capability while developing an indigenous capability. As follow-on teams infiltrate the operational area and link up with their respective resistance-force counterparts, they begin their own operational assessment to confirm or deny the assumptions of the overarching UW campaign plan. 3-12. Depending on the situation, circumstances may dictate the infiltration of SFODAs without the benefit of a prior pi...
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