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Unformatted text preview: n spend years away from a country and expect to maintain their contacts and influence. This period significantly shrinks under the pressures of a harsh regime or occupying force. 1-31. While determining the feasibility of a potential campaign, planning personnel must have clear objectives, a desired end state, and knowledge of exactly what level of support is available and acceptable. Without these specifics, negotiations with potential resistance forces are futile. If planners determine conditions are unfavorable during the assessment, then they need to consider any measures that could transform the current situation into a more favorable one. For example, can the United States— Persuade a potential resistance group to cease unacceptable tactics or behavior? Persuade a coalition to accept a specific resistance group’s participation under certain conditions? Degrade the enemy’s control over the population? Bolster the will of the population to resist? Achieve desired objectives within the given time constraints? 1-32. SF, Military Information Support (MIS), and CA Soldiers can actively engage their resistance counterparts to encourage adherence to international norms of behavior and law. They can also change attitudes and beliefs about other groups participating in the resistance effort as part of unity and cohesion building. 1-33. Planners need to be careful of attempting to overcome a potential resistance shortcoming by creating surrogate forces that are not indigenous. Historically, the United States has not had success creating and transplanting these types of resistance forces to the operations environment without an existing clandestine infrastructure that connects the local population to the foreign forces. WAYS THE UNITED STATES CONDUCTS UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE 1-34. The United States conducts two types of UW. The United States executes UW with the anticipation of large-scale U.S. military involvement or without anticipation of large-scale U.S. military involvement. GENERAL WAR SCENARIO...
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