During transition and demobilization ca units are

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Unformatted text preview: meet the needs of the former resistance forces and their families. MISO are essential during this phase. MIS assists in explaining the demobilization process to the guerrilla forces and promotes loyalty of guerrilla forces to the new government as part of continuing efforts to maintain support for the movement’s transition to a working government. The key to long-term strategic success in UW is the planning and execution of SOF postconflict responsibilities. CIVIL AFFAIRS SUPPORT TO THE SEVEN PHASES OF UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE 3-42. CA forces are capable of providing support to all seven phases of a UW campaign. CMO planners and CA forces are well equipped to assist SFODs in developing the factors that make up the operational environment of UW operations, in achieving the support or neutrality of various segments of society, or influencing the JSOA. All Civil Affairs operations (CAO) may support UW, although the most important role of CAO is facilitating the swift transition of power from the resistance forces to a legitimate government after the cessation of hostilities. 3-43. CA operational support during phase one of UW may include the following: Providing detailed civil considerations analysis of the JSOA. Providing CAO inputs to the IPOE process. Identifying foreign humanitarian assistance (FHA) funding sources. Initiating transition planning by developing a disengagement concept and identifying the CMO end state. 3-8 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Concept of Employment 3-44. CA operational support during phase two of UW may include the following: Integrating with the pilot team-planning cell. Identifying sources of FHA, to include intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Preparing to insert with the pilot team to support initial assessments. Preparing to provide detailed CAO or CMO analysis of pilot team assessments. Identifying quick, high-impact projects based on pilot team assessments. 3-45. CA operational support during phase three of UW may include the following: Validating CA inputs to the...
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