External resupply 3 57 external resupplies are

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Unformatted text preview: resistance force or insurgents, as well as the SFODA. Resupply is planned in isolation to be delivered after infiltration at a coordinated location and time automatically, as requested, or based upon a no-communications trigger. The SFODA preselects resupply items and delivery merchandise during 3-10 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Concept of Employment isolation to replenish or supplement supplies its members consume or to fulfill other requirements. The SFODA receives these items after infiltration. Automatic Resupply 3-58. The SFODA plans for automatic resupply before infiltration, coordinating for the delivery time, location, contents, and the identification marking system or authentication. Personnel deliver automatic resupply after the SFODA successfully infiltrates and establishes radio contact, unless the SFOD cancels, modifies, or reschedules the delivery. Automatic resupply augments supplies or equipment that the SFOD could not carry in on the initial infiltration or were not required until a later date. Automatic resupply also reinforces U.S. support of the guerrillas. In addition, it fulfills the need for selected items to equip a nucleus of the guerrilla force should accompanying supplies be unrecoverable during infiltration. 3-59. The JSOTF or SOTF schedules the delivery of automatic and emergency resupply to the SFODAs. Preplanned automatic resupply provides the guerrilla force with immediate supplies and equipment until on-call or routine resupply procedures are established. Supply personnel normally pack equipment and supplies in appropriate aerial delivery containers that have a cargo capacity of 500 pounds or less to ease handling and transportation within the JSOA. Packers mark door bundles for easy identification once they arrive on the DZ. To allow rapid clearance of the DZ, personnel ensure the contents of each container are in man-portable units of about 50 pounds each. Packers must brief DZ parties on these man-portable containers. If personnel must carry the containers long distances, the SFODA must arrange tr...
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