Emphasis on field sanitation and responsibility of

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Unformatted text preview: ion, preparation, command, control, security, patrol execution, ambushes, and raids. Same general scope as in the 30-day program. Familiarization firing. Primary emphasis on employment of weapons. Same general scope as in the 30-day program. Emphasis on basic intelligence and counterintelligence, as well as night vision. Same general scope as in the 30-day program. Primary emphasis on selection and reporting of DZs, organization of reception committee, and duties and responsibilities of commanders. Familiarization with demolition procedures, including demonstrating, planning, and safety. Communication includes available systems, communication security, and simple cryptographic systems. Military leadership traits, principles, indications, actions, and orders. Responsibilities and duties of the commander. Human behavior problem areas and problem-solving process. Selection of junior leaders. Span of control and chain of command. Combat leadership. Characteristics of guerrilla warfare; guerrilla operations, principles, capabilities, and limitations; organization of operational bases; security; civilian support; logistics; counterintelligence; combat employment; missions; tactical control measures; target selection; and mission support site (MSS) and defensive measures. Responsibilities and duties of indigenous leaders. Total Hours in Master Program Hours Day Night PE 4 4 Total (1) 10 9 19 (16) 10 29 39 (25) 8 2 10 (7) 6 4 10 (8) 6 8 14 (11) 5 5 (3) 4 4 (2) 6 6 (4) 7 5 12 (9) 70 59 129 (90) Notes: 1. Identify personnel with substandard leadership ability, knowledge, skill, or desire. 2. Upon completion of leadership school, trainers may schedule one additional day for coordinating and planning future operations. 3. A suggested arrangement of scheduling is as follows: Preparation for training and selection of leaders: 29 April–4 May. Leadership training: 5 May–14 May. Troop training: 16 May–14 June. Figure C-1. Sample master training plan for 10-day leadership course (continued) 30 November 2010 TC 18-01 C-3 Appendix C DATA CARD—PERSONNEL AND TRAINING RECORD C-3. F...
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