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Unformatted text preview: ysically 1-4 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Overview inaccessible terrain, such as mountains, jungles, and swamps, or artificial safe havens (such as urban ghettos or an international border). Artificial safe havens replicate actual restrictive terrain. However, artificial safe havens are only restrictive for as long as the risk of penetrating them remains unacceptable to HN forces. In contrast, safe havens in physically inaccessible terrain, such as mountains and jungles, remain restrictive to pursuing counterinsurgent forces. 1-19. An important aspect of the human terrain is the opportunity it presents for the resistance to access populations in enemy-controlled areas, to disseminate information about the resistance and its objectives, and to establish beneficial lines of communications (LOCs) with key communicators. Active cultivation of relationships with key communicators can lower barriers and increase cooperation between U.S. forces and the resistance movement. 1-20. Elements can sometimes negate the limitations of physical terrain to shape the operational environment. For example, forces may use shortwave transmitters to broadcast messages in areas where mountain ranges prevent line-of-sight frequency modulation (FM) radio broadcasting with messages targeted at a specific segment of the population. Shortwave transmitters (such as those used on EC-130J Commando Solo) may be able to broadcast the messages to reach the populace in the target area. Note: The U.S. military uses the specially configured Commando Solo to conduct information operations to broadcast in amplitude modulation, FM, high-frequency, television, and military communications bands. RESISTANCE MOVEMENT CHARACTERISICS 1-21. There are certain characteristics of a resistance movement that make U.S. support favorable. Characteristics of a favorable movement include the following: Willingness to cooperate with the United States. Compatible objectives and ideology. Capable resistance leadership. WILLINGNESS TO CO...
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