Guard posts and wartime security coverage note the

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Unformatted text preview: Cs (railroads, highways, and telecommunications lines) and along electrical power and petroleum, oil, and lubricant lines. w. Forced Labor and Detention Camps. Note exact location and description of the physical arrangement (particularly the security arrangements). x. PRC Measures. Note locations, types, and effectiveness of internal security controls. Include checkpoints, identification cards, passports, and travel permits. 7. Resistance Organization. Identify the organizational elements and key personalities of the resistance organization. Note each group’s attitude toward the United States, the hostile power, various elements of the civil populace, and friendly political groups. a. Guerrillas. (1) Disposition, strength, and composition. (2) Organization, armament, and equipment. (3) Status of training, morale, and combat effectiveness. (4) Operations to date. (5) Cooperation and coordination between various existing groups. (6) Motivation of the various groups and their receptivity. (7) Quality of senior and subordinate leadership. (8) General health. b. Auxiliaries and the Underground. (1) Disposition, strength, and degree of organization. (2) General effectiveness and type of support. (3) Responsiveness to guerrilla or resistance leaders. c. Logistics Capability. (1) Availability of food stocks and water. Include any restrictions for reasons of health. (2) Agricultural capability. (3) Type and availability of transportation of all categories. (4) Types and location of civilian services available for manufacture and repair of equipment and clothing. (5) Medical facilities, to include personnel, medical supplies, and equipment. (6) Enemy supply sources accessible to the resistance. 8. Targets. (The objective in target selection is to inflict maximum damage on the hostile power with minimum expenditures of men and materiel. Initially, a guerrilla force may have limited operational capabilities to interdict or destroy hostile targets.) Study the target areas. Identify and analyze points of attack. List targets in order of priority by system and IAW mission requirements....
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