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Unformatted text preview: pplies. 2-57. Resistance forces often have to improvise their own field expedients. They may even have to plant and raise their own food, dig wells, and tend their own livestock. The area commander may consider establishing clandestine factories to produce unobtainable items. 2-16 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Fundamentals of Resistance and Insurgency 2-58. Confiscation alienates the local population. The resistance organization should use confiscation only in emergencies or as punishment for individuals who refuse to cooperate or who actively collaborate with the hostile power. In all cases, resistance leaders must strictly control confiscation to ensure that it does not deteriorate into looting. 2-59. The resistance organization requires basic medicines and other medical supplies to treat its members. Preventive medicine is especially important to a resistance organization because it normally does not have adequate facilities to treat diseases. 2-60. The area commander normally obtains transportation support from the auxiliary on a mission basis. The guerrilla force may have its own organic transportation system to meet its immediate needs. In remote or undeveloped areas, the primary means may be human porters or pack animals. 2-61. The area commander caches extra supplies and equipment throughout the operational area. Caching is not a haphazard affair. Caches must support anticipated operational requirements or specified emergencies. 2-62. The resistance organization obtains repair materiel from the local economy and through battlefield recovery to perform all maintenance and repairs within its capability. It may establish repair facilities within the area complex. The sponsor includes necessary maintenance and repair items with all equipment it provides the resistance. Introducing sophisticated equipment into the area complex may complicate the maintenance system. ORGANIZATION OF MEDICAL SUPPORT WITHIN THE AREA COMPLEX 2-63. The resistance initially confines clandesti...
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