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Unformatted text preview: that the discovery of one does not lead to the detection of the others in the immediate vicinity. However, they should place the containers close enough together so that they can conveniently recover all three containers in one operation. The distance between containers will depend on the particular situation, but they should be at least 10 meters apart. Personnel ordinarily use one final reference point for a multiple cache. The caching party should avoid placing multiple caches in repeating patterns, which could lead to the discovery of one multiple cache-causing the enemy to probe for other similarly placed caches. CACHING MEDICAL EQUIPMENT D-110. Planners must perform a feasibility study to determine the need for caching medical supplies. The purpose of medical caches is to store excess medical supplies to maintain mobility and deny access to the enemy. In addition, caching large stockpiles of medical supplies allows the force to position vital supplies in advance of planned operations. CACHE REPORT D-111. The final step vital to every emplacement operation is the preparation of a cache report. This report records the data essential for recovery. The cache report must provide all of the information that someone unfamiliar with the locality needs to find his way to the site, recover the cache, and safely return. The purpose of the report is to point out the minimum-essential data. The importance of attention to detail is the critical aspect of the cache report. A careless error or omission may prevent recovery of the cache when personnel need it. CONTENT D-112. The cache report must include instructions for finding and recovering the cache. It should also include any other information that will ease the planning of a recovery operation. Because the details will depend upon the situation and the particular needs of each organization, the exact format of the report may vary slightly. PROCEDURES D-113. The observer should collect as much data as possible during the personal reconnaissance to assist in selecting a site and p...
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