It is a continuous process that includes defining the

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Unformatted text preview: bers, with likely augmentation by interagency or other skilled personnel, designed to infiltrate a desginated area to conduct sensitive preparation of the environment activities and assess the potential to conduct unconventional warfare in support of U.S. objectives. resistance movement An organized effort by some portion of the civil population of a country to resist the legally established government or an occupying power and to disrupt civil order and stability. shadow government Governmental elements and activities performed by the irregular organization that will eventually take the place of the existing government. Members of the shadow government can be in any element of the irregular organization (underground, auxiliary, or guerrilla force). unconventional warfare Activities conducted to enable a resistance movement or insurgency to coerce, disrupt, or overthrow a government or occupying power by operating through or with an underground, auxiliary, and guerrilla force in a denied area. underground A covert unconventional warfare organization established to operate in areas denied to the guerrilla forces or conduct operations not suitable for guerrilla forces. Glossary-4 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 References REQUIRED REFERENCES These documents must be available to intended users of this publication. None RELATED PUBLICATIONS These documents contain relevant supplemental information. Army Publications DA Form 2028, Recommended Changes to Publication and Blank Forms FM 2-22.3, Human Intelligence Collector Operations, 6 September 2006 FM 3-05.40, Civil Affairs Operations, 29 September 2006 FM 3-24, Counterinsurgency, 15 December 2006 FM 27-10, The Law of Land Warfare, 18 July 1956 GTA 31-01-003, Detachment Mission Planning Guide, 1 March 2006 Joint Publications JP 1-02, Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, 12 April 2001 JP 3-05, Doctrine for Joint Special Operations, 17 December 2003 JP 3-24, Counterinsurgency Operations, 5 October 2009 Other Publi...
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