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Unformatted text preview: ansportation assets with the guerrilla support arm (auxiliary). The SFOD can cancel, modify, or reschedule automatic resupplies, depending on their requirements. Emergency Resupply 3-60. The purpose of the emergency resupply is to provide essential equipment and supplies in order to restore operational capability and survivability of the SFODA. Typical items contained in the bundle may be communications equipment, batteries, weapons, ammunition, money, and handheld global positioning systems. A coded message, a radio request, or the absence of any detachment communication over a prearranged period can trigger an emergency resupply. The SFODA and the supporting HQ must clearly understand the sequence of events, time required, and assets available to deliver the emergency resupply. 3-61. Although detachments can request special items, it is highly likely that all emergency resupply bundles will contain generic items in order to support numerous detachments. As a minimum, resupply should consist of communications equipment and enough mission-essential supplies to establish base contact. On-Call or Routine Resupply 3-62. When the SFODA establishes communications with the JSOTF or SOTF, external supply begins on call. Personnel use the abbreviated code of a catalog supply system contained in the signal operating instructions (SOI) to request supplies based on operational need. These supplies consist of major equipment items that units do not consume at a predictable rate. Theater Army area command (TAACOM) depots, the JSOTF, or the SOTF hold these items in readiness for immediate delivery on a specific missionrequest basis. 3-63. To determine the quantity of supplies to request, the SFODA considers the rate of expansion of the guerrilla force, the anticipated tempo of operations, and the detachment’s ability to receive, transport, store, and secure incoming supplies. 3-64. The SFODA also anticipates its operational needs for supplies and equipment in the JSOA. The mission operations cell at the JSOTF or SOTF...
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