Personnel can improvise an oven using a large metal

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Unformatted text preview: gel is a satisfactory desiccant and is commonly available. Coating With a Preservative D-56. Personnel may apply a light coat of oil to weapons, tools, and other items with unpainted metallic surfaces. A coat of paint may suffice for other metal items. Wrapping D-57. After completing the drying and coating, the packager wraps the cache items in a suitable material. The packager ensures the wrapping is as waterproof as possible. He wraps each item separately to prevent one perforation in the wrapping from exposing all items in the cache. The wrapping should fit tightly to each item, eliminating air pockets. The packager also seals all folds with a waterproof substance. Packing D-58. The packager must observe the following rules when packing items in the container: Remove all moisture from the interior of the container by heating or applying desiccant. Pack a long-lasting desiccant inside the container to absorb any residual moisture. If the packager uses silica gel, he must calculate the required amount by using the ratio of 15 kilograms of silica gel to 1 cubic meter of storage space within the container. (This figure is based on the assumption that the container is completely moisture-proof and the contents are slightly moist when inserted.) Therefore, the ratio allows an ample margin for incomplete drying, and the packager can reduce the amount if he knows the drying process was highly effective. Eliminate air pockets as much as possible by tightly packing items. The packager should use thoroughly dried padding liberally to fill air pockets and to protect the contents from shock. If possible, he should use clothing and other items for padding, which the recovery party may find useful. Items made of different metals should never touch, since continuous contact may cause corrosion through electrolytic action. Enclosing Instructions for Using Cached Equipment D-59. The packager includes written instructions and diagrams if they facilitate the assembly or use of cached items. Instructions must be written in a language that recovery personnel can understand. T...
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