Personnel evacuate and cache the bodies of those

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Unformatted text preview: until proper burial or disposal of the bodies in accordance with (IAW) the customs of the local population. Removal and burial of the dead denies the enemy valuable intelligence concerning indigenous casualties. GUERRILLA HOSPITAL 2-69. A guerrilla hospital is a medical treatment facility (or complex of smaller facilities) that provides inpatient medical support to the guerrilla force. The resistance movement establishes a guerrilla hospital during the organization and buildup phase of its development. The hospital must be ready for operation at the start of combat operations and must be able to continue providing medical support until the leadership directs otherwise. 2-70. A guerrilla hospital rarely outwardly resembles a conventional hospital. The requirement for strict security, flexibility, and rapid mobility prevent visible comparison with conventional military or civilian medical facilities. As the guerrilla force consolidates its hold on the area complex, all medical support functions tends to consolidate. Safe areas allow the resistance to establish a centralized system of medical care. Sophisticated hospitals provide more elaborate care because they provide a wider selection of trained personnel and specialized equipment. These hospitals can also render more extensive and prolonged treatment. CONVALESCENT FACILITY 2-71. The area where guerrilla forces send patients to recuperate is a convalescent facility. A guerrilla convalescent facility may be a safe house in which one or two convalescents are recuperating with an appropriate alibi or it could be in any base in guerrilla-controlled areas. INSURGENT SUPPORT NETWORKS 2-72. Just like other large organizations, insurgencies need support networks. Insurgent support networks include the following: Logistics support network. Communications networks. Information and propaganda networks. Transportation networks. Recruitment networks. Intelligence and counterintelligence networks. LOGISTICS SUPPORT NETWORK 2-73. Guerrillas need th...
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