Personnel may use free drop techniques for certain

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Unformatted text preview: landed supply missions. Supply personnel normally use surface ships or submarines when JSOAs are next to waterways or seas. Resupply operations require secrecy to protect the resupply platform and the reception element. Personnel normally conduct these operations during limited visibility. 3-12 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Concept of Employment PACKAGING 3-71. The JSOTF or SOTF support center personnel prepare supplies and equipment for delivery to a JSOA. The size of the package and the number of packages determines the delivery means. Personnel base the packaging system on man-portable packages weighing about 50 pounds. With this weight limitation, members of the reception committee transportation party can easily move the packages from the supply point to safe sites. Personnel equip man-portable packages with carrying straps and mount the packages on pack boards. The transportation party color-codes the packages so personnel can easily identify their contents upon arrival. The JSOTF or SOTF support center personnel ensure each package is— Waterproofed to permit aboveground and limited underground or underwater cache. Packed with instructions (in the indigenous language) for all equipment. Marked with a prearranged code to identify the contents. Packed with an inventory list to aid in identifying lost or damaged materiel. Packed to protect sensitive communications and medical items by using clothing, blankets, or other padding. 3-72. The JSOTF or SOTF support center personnel may put combat and morale supply items in the same container. They package ammunition and cleaning equipment with weapons and batteries with flashlights. Personnel may include additional small arms ammunition, by caliber, as an individual package. SUPPLY PROCEDURES 3-73. SFODA members use a catalog supply system code to accelerate on-call resupply requests and ensure accurate equipment identification and supply items. The system also reduces radio transmission time. To permit maximum user flexibility, the system identifies single major equipment items or several associated items...
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